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Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Barefoot shoes.

He did everything himself. He had an email printed on an umbrella. He had his feet printed on his shoes. Such an impressive pair of shoes! His photo in front of the bathroom mirror – on a huge towel. A photo of his bathroom – as a carpet. Guess what was on the curtains. Well prepared – I should say.

Patrick Coyle shows his new installation and performance Panoram at Kettle’s Yard as a part of fig-futures events.

During the exhibition’s opening evening, Patrick Coyle presented his works with half story-telling, half story-singing manner. He let the audience join him making the overall performance intimate and pleasant. Especially, when the performance was so noticeably dedicated to Kettle’s Yard. From the beginning of the story when the artist came to the Gallery for the first time and left his expensive umbrella to the left of the entrance till the last bit of installation - the bright yellow lemon mimicking the Miro’s painting in the House – everything created a domestic showroom with the overall idea of Home-Gallery-Home.


Kettle's Yard

Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ

3-7 Oct 2018

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