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Fontface Ninja is an extension that needs to be installed in every browser for someone who is interested in fonts. It is so simple to inspect any font! Hover on the font on any website and get the name of font, its size, letterspacing, line height and colour. Get inspired. No more frustration in naming a font.


The Book of Kells, Medieval Illuminated manuscript, is now available online. Press the image to see the mysterious lettering and fantastic beasts.


Coursera, an online learning platform, provides an access to courses in various fields from philosophy to quantum mechanics. Introduction to Imagemaking by California Institute of the Arts and In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting by MoMA are definitely worth trying. Playful, interesting, effective. And well-planned.


HeniTalks is dedicated to sharing insights about art history from leading artists, curators and academics. And HeniTalks team does that really well. Check what they have in their catalogue! Do you know how Brasilia was built?

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